#Brotox & #Dudesport - Yea, it's not just for girls!

As non-surgical treatments increase in popularity and become more mainstream, men are getting in on the act too! The terms #brotox and #dudesport are making their social media rounds.

If you’re a guy reading this, you go, dude! Way to be proactive in prevention of unwanted lines and wrinkles.

If you’re a girl reading this, you may have a man in your life that could use a few units (wink, wink.)

Either way, I always think of toxin treatments as prevention and relaxation. I mean, who wants to be called “sir?”

Why more men are seeking the treatment

In recent years, getting your lunch break Botox is less and less taboo. The stigma has receded, thank goodness! And more people in general are (1) getting treatments and (2) talking about it. Men, too, are also being proactive in prevention of lines and wrinkles.

How #Brotox and #Dudesport differs from a typical female treatment:

Men, typically have stronger muscles of the face that require more units than a female for the same effect. That being said, like any “rule,” it’s not always true. But for the most part, men need more product to achieve relaxation.

In most cases, men will need a slightly different placement of the Botox or Dysport to reduce the chance of feminization of the look. This is especially true around the eyes, or crow’s feet. Bottom line, make sure you go to a provider who has experience with male treatments.

Unlike some women, most men don’t want to be totally “frozen” and often are looking for more of a softening of lines and wrinkles.

Again, a lot of these statements are generalities and don’t always apply.

And, guys, it really doesn’t hurt! ;)

This is a True to You Med Spa client who agreed to allow us to use his photos after his Dysport treatment.

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