Lip Filler - Being Anti-Duck in this Ducky World

Lip filler often gets a bad rap. How many times have I heard…

“I don’t want to look like a duck.”

“Oh man, my friend got her lips done. It’s just too much.”

“I don’t want to look like a Real Housewife!”

Here’s the real deal. You notice all the bad, overdone work. You don’t usually notice the good, subtle, natural work that’s walking around out there. In the right hands, filler should enhance your natural lips, define the borders and provide a more hydrated look without changing your fundamental appearance.

Now, imagine a teaspoon. Got that? Now imagine 1/5th of a teaspoon. That’s a FULL syringe. Not that much product, right?

(Sidenote: Now, don’t get me wrong. I know there are people out there who are dying for the over-filled pout look. Looking at you, Instagram! More power to you! If that’s what you think looks good, you got for it! It’s just not my personal style.)

With the wide variety of types of filler on the market these days, the look you’re trying to achieve is more attainable than ever.

Want a more juicy pout? Enter Juvederm.

Need a little more structure to the lips? Hello, Restylane-L.

Just need a subtle enhancement? Well, Restylane Refyne might be your best bet.

When you’re working with an experienced provider, they should be able to listen to your goals and tailor the perfect treatment to you. This does not only include which filler they use, but also technique on how they inject filler. Not all lips are created equal. Different types of lips determine how I inject them. With different techniques in the toolbox, your provider should be able to attain your ultimate goals.

What should you do before your lip filler treatment?

1. Plan! Plan! Plan! Just plan on being bruising and swollen for about 3-7 days. (It probably won’t be that long, but I prepare for the worst, and hope for the best) Make sure you a buffer of at lease 2-3 weeks before anything like family photos, your bridal shower or anything else equally important (and where there will be photographic proof of bruising)

2. Avoid blood thinning medications, vitamins and supplements about 1 week prior to your treatment.

3. Avoid alcohol use for about a week to cut down on bruising.Start taking Arnica 2 days prior to your treatment and finish the 5 day course completely.

What should you expect at your treatment?

1. Your provider should take his/her time discussing your goals. Please tell your provider about any treatments you’ve had in the past.

2. Photos will be taken. And, no, we won’t share them with anyone unless we specifically ask you and get consent. There’s this little thing called HIPAA that doesn’t allow it!

3. Topical numbing will be applied. Using a “dental block” is also an option for people who are especially sensitive. (I’ve learned that some people dislike the lasting feeling of their mouth being numb than the actual lip filler treatment itself.)

4. The treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes. Swelling starts at about 20 minutes from the first injection. We’ve learned to work quickly but efficiently while doing lip filler. Swelling can distort anatomy and make our job a little more challenging.You’ll feel more swollen than you actually look. I promise you don’t ACTUALLY look like a duck.

What should you expect after your lip filler treatment?

1. You’ll be swollen and bruised. Take some Claritin or Benadryl to help with swelling.

2. Avoid especially salty foods for 24 hours. Continue your Arnica.

3. The next day you’ll wake up and think “what the hell did I do?” They WILL go down. They WILL not be that swollen forever.In 2-3 weeks, the filler will settle and your lips will be gorgeous!

I know how much courage it sometimes takes to take the leap and try lip filler for the first time. Just rest assured… IF YOU HATE IT, we can dissolve it. (I tell that to all my nervous first-timers. No one has ever actually taken me up on it!)

At True to You Medical Aesthetics, we offer our patients the 1/2 syringe and full syringe option. I’ll tell you though, 9 times out of 10, my first time 1/2-ers come back for another half when the swelling has subsided.

Ready to make your complimentary consultation with one of our expert providers? Text/call 442.444.0129 for an appointment. We’d love to discuss your #lipgoals with you!


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