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If you’ve ever heard me rave about SkinBetter products, you’re not alone. Essentially, I’ll talk about them, their founders and the company as a whole to whoever is interested because I believe in the product so much!

I’ve worked with and seen the results of a lot of different skincare lines in the past. Truly, nothing compares to SkinBetter. I’ll spare you the nitty gritty, but they test like they need to be approved by the FDA when they actually don’t. And, as a relatively new company to the skincare scene, they are winning Allure Beauty Awards left and right!

If you want nice smelling, luxurious feeling skincare, this is NOT it. But, if instead you want skin-changing and skin-improving skincare, you’re in the right place.

Although I love many products from the whole lot, LINES is one of my favorites. It’s specifically made for your, you guessed it, lines. It’s a spot-treatment serum that goes directly on your lines - be it deep 11s, smile lines and … wait for it… lips!

The beauty of LINES is that it is made out of really big hyaluronic acid molecules, just like filler. #mindblown. Although it does not replace filler and the artist injector using it, it does enhance and prolong the life of your filler! It’s a perfect compliment to your filler treatment of your lips, smile lines or sleep lines!

Not quite ready for filler? That’s fine too! LINES can plump the wrinkles that bother you without the needle!

Check out their website for amazing Before & Afters! Click Here

I could go on and on about SkinBetter and LINES, but honestly, it’s worth a try! Come in today for your complimentary consultation and let one of our expert providers steer you on the right path to help improve your skin. Call/text 442.444.0129 for an appointment.

When you do come in for your skincare consultation, please bring everything you are currently using. We can help you fill in holes where key ingredients are missing while navigating you through our recommendations.

Fun Fact: SkinBetter is a physician-dispensed skincare line and cannot be bought in stores like Sephora or Ulta. The company recognizes the incredibly valuable experience of speaking to an expert about your skincare. But if you already know what you want, you can purchase through our website here: Repurchase your SkinBetter products


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